Thursday, June 01, 2006

The war in Iraq?

mommy1 ask q. on Yahoo Answers:
Is it okay to not agree with the war, but to support the soldiers who are and have been over there risking and losing their lives? I support our troops in every way, and i was told that you cant support the troops and not the war. I was just wanting someone elses opinion on that. My boyfriend served for over a year in Iraq, and he is my hero. All of them are, and it makes me mad when i hear people griping about them, and how they are killing innocent people. But i never hear about how many Americans have lost their lives over there. Thank you to all of the soldiers, God Bless You.

okay, my boyfriend did choose to join the military, yes he signed the papers, but it was not his, or anyone elses choice, to go fight for something that they didnt believe in. Its not their fault that our government is like it is, and if it wasnt for all of the people in the military, then where would we be now. I think it takes a really brave person to sign up. And as far as the Iraqi people dying, they are trying to kill our soldiers, no, not all of them are, but its the same way with America, how many lives have been lost in Iraqi soil? How many families have lost their loved ones for a cause that none of us can help???

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker from gentleone:
I say it is perfectly ok to disagree with the war and still be in support of the troops. I personally believe this war was a huge mistake, and did even before it began. People seem to think that this is not possible. These people need to realize that it is part of being in a true democracy to be able to disagree with our leaders' choices and actions. If we had to support our president's actions unconditionally, we would be living in a totalitarian society. Do you all really want that?

My Dad was professional soldier and served in Vietnam---an extremely unpopular war. Many people were against it, but they shouldn't be against men like my father and the troops serving in Iraq now, because they are merely doing their job.

Other Answers:
In my thoughts, honestly, how can you support your own troops and NOT support their efforts FOR the war? It just doesn't make sense. Whether or not you AGREE, I fully believe that every American should at least support the troops because this will demonstrate their patriotism and their troop's war EFFORTS.

Most importantly, thanks to Shaun, Jeremy, Justin, Nole, and Ruben for risking your lives to defend Freedom. :)

i agree with you... you are 100% right about that, it is stupid how people say that you can't support the troops, and not support the war, i think you can because you can think that the war is going on for a stupid reason or something and have the knowledge that you as a person wouldn't have enough courage to stand on the front lines...

it's kinda like you don't like it, but it's happening anyway so why try to fight it ya know?

And uhh, minuteman... we don't know if it was Iraq on 9/11, at first the prez said it was Afghanistan...

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